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Thank you for Visiting the King of Vintage Glass Collection of Antique Clasps. All products are for sale. Most of these clasps were American made in the 1930's and 40's. Some were made in Japan. All are rare, some are very rare. They are all finished in Rhodium, a rare metal similar to platinum. When they are sold out you will never see them again so order early.

All Clasps are Final Sale

Rare Sterling Silver Rhinestone Clasp

Cleary marked Sterling" on the back of the clasp, this piece is set with two side rhinestones from Swarovski , easily seen in the photo, in rectangular shape. These look much better in the hand, the rhinestones are so tiny that they are impossible to photograph without magnification. Each, $32. Use only the center ring for a single strand, the two outside rings for a double strand, or all three rings for a triple strand necklace. Order # d15.

Rectangle Rhinestone Clasp

A two strand rhinestone clasp clearly marked "Japan" on the back, made prior to WW2. It can only be used for a two strand clasp Item #D40, $18

Rectangle Rhinestone Clasp

A three strand rhinestone clasp identical to one above except it is for three strands. Item #D40A, $18

Rectangle 8 strand Rhinestone Clasp

If you are making a flapper type necklace and you want authenticity, then you have to use the original flapper clasp. A multi row piece made with seed beads up to 4mm MUST use one of these clasps which you probably cannot find anywhere else. This is the real McCoy, the original article from 1930 and there are few remaining. Very few. It is over an inch long. Item #D36, $27

Suspended. Write to us.

Rectangle 4 or 6 Strand Rhinestone Clasp

A multi strand rhinestone clasp available either as a four strand OR a six strand version, both only a few to be had. Opposing baguettes in the center. The four strand version is shown but there is also a six strand one available for awhile. American made Item #D41a or d41b, $21 for either one.

Sorry, 6 strand is suspended for inventory.

Rectangle Pave Rhinestone Clasp

A two strand pave rhinestone clasp, and it can only be used for a two strand clasp for almost any size bead up to 9mm. Slight dome at the top requires that the stones be set in pave style which we all know is a plus. Item #D19, $20

Baguette Pave Rhinestone Clasp

A two strand pave rhinestone clasp with two baguettes set pave style opposing each other. Notice how baguettes throw off the colors of the spectrum as only baguettes can do. Baguettes in this size were discontinued 40 years ago, just so you know. Item #D38, $25

Oval Rhinestone Clasp

A three strand rhinestone clasp for small beads, even seed beads will work here. A three strand clasp can be used for a two strand necklace by ignoring or removing the center loops. Your choice, this one is has a marquis rhinestone in the center surrounded by tiny rhinestones mounted in the setting. American made in the 30's. Item #D30, $22

Emerald Cut Stones

Ten emerald cut stones make up this four strand clasp from the 30's. #D43, $22

Double Baguettes

Two baguettes cross the middle of this two or three row clasp, your choice how you use it. Eight tiny diamond like rhinestones round it out. Sold for $17 each, another winner from the 30's. Order #D25 at $17 each.

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