Thank you for Visiting the King of Vintage Glass Collection of Antique Clasps. All products are for sale. These clasps were all American made in the 20's, 30's, 40's and a few in the 50's. All are rare, some are very rare. Some are goldtone, some Rhodium plated, noted where so. When they are sold out you will never see them again so order early.

Using Vintage Clasps gives your vintage beads an aire of authenticity. The workmanship that went into these clasps is no longer available except in diamond jewelry.
Not for use with rubber bands.

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One Inch=25 Millimeters (mm)

Petal Rhinestone Clasp

Crystal petals with a jet crystal ring around the middle enhance this single strand clasp, rhodium finished. Measures 27mm. Each, $15.
Order # VCL35.

$15 Each

Jet center surrounded by crystal and again a jet border comprised
this single strand clasp. Measures 25mm and is sold for $10 each. Order # vcl29.

$10 Each

Gold or Rhodium Rhinestone Clasp

Original design by Margo, 1956, this single strand clasp is available in either goldtone or rhodium plated. Looks sort of like a bow...sort of.
Measures 13x23mm. Rhodium Plated is SOLD OUT Order by color, style number VCL36 for $12 each.

Another Pairing in Rhinestone Clasps

Basket style single strand clasp, also by Margo in the 50's. Buy by color, goldtone or rhodium, measures 23x25mm. By color, each $15.
Order # vcl31.

$15 Each

Single Strand Rhinestone Design

A single strand rhinestone basic clasp with Swarovski rhinestones set in it. This one measures 10mm more or less, use that as a guide. Each, $10.00
For Single strand Designs. Order # vcl40.

$10 Each

Hearts with a rhinestone set in each one surround a pearl center in this vintage clasp. All Swarovski rhinestones of course and eternal rhodium plating.
Order # VCL15, only $18 each.

$18 Each

Rhinestone leaves surround four pearls in this two strand vintage clasp. A single 5 pt diamond size rhinestone in the center. Will accomodate two 4mm or 5mm strands.
$10 each, order item number vcl16.

$10 Each

Pave Single strand Rhinestone Clasp

Classic pearl clasp for a single strand, shown with a lustre pearl, often called a "white" pearl by amateurs. In the trade it is called lustre and we also have
it in creme color AND gunmetal, sometimes known as "grey", if that is your desire, but it is suspended for awhile due to some issue or other. Either way it is sold for
$22 each. Choose your color below. Item #D42, $22

$22 Each

Two Strand Pearl Clasp

Two strand pearl clasp from the 40's, only a few of these exist also. Rhodium plated, made for up to 10mm pearls or beads. Measures 28x30mm.
Set with Swarovski rhinestones .
Rhodium plating will last forever.

Style # VCL28, $26.

$26 Each

Two Strand Pearl Clasp

A band of graduated pearls dresses up this rhinestone clasp made for two strands of beads. Will accommodate any size beads, including mixed sizes, up to 10mm.
Another unique oldie. Rhodium plated, measures 28x32mm. Set with Swarovski rhinestones, simulated pearls.
Rhodium plating will last forever.

Style # VCL30, $30.

Best jump on these, those in the know will not let them sit here forever!!

$30 Each

Two Strand Clasp

Two strand half-domed clasp from the 40's, a rare treat to find this one. Totally encrusted in Swarovski stones, sapphire, crystal, turquoise and ruby. Rhodium
plated, made for 10mm beads. Measures 24mm.
Rhodium plating will last forever.

Style # VCL34, $27.

$27 Each

Your Choice: Clasp for One Strand or Two

This gorgeous rhinestone clasp is available as either a single strand clasp or a double strand clasp. Two strand clasp will accommodate two strands of 10mm
beads or smaller size, the single row clasp will take any size beads. Measures 22x20mm. Set with Swarovski rhinestones .
Rhodium plating will last forever.

Style # VCL32, $16.

Make your choice from the pull down menu.

$16 Each

Your Choice: Clasp for One Strand or Two

Incredible pave rhinestone clasp also available both ways. You have to hold this clasp to believe the incredible workmanship, there is no metal
between the stones, they are each set in their own setting independent of the rest and the whole thing is set pave style. A long lost art in all but the finest
fine jewelry. Measures 24mm. Set with Swarovski rhinestones .
Rhodium plating will last forever.

Style # VCL39, $21.

Make your choice from the pull down menu.

$21 Each


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