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This is a special page of Rare Stones.
Limited Quantities.

High polished nuggets of decent size, these measure approximately 16-22mm by 14-20mm. Being natural, they vary a bit . Deep Persian Turquoise color as they originally came from Persia when it was still Persia in the 30's. What we have we have, we cannot get these anymore as these mines were closed years and years ago. We sell these by the strand OR six piece lots. A six piece lot is $90 and a full 16" strand is $360. Strands are loose strung, that is YOU have to still string them yourself. They have anywhere from 18-22 stones on them. This is the finest AAA quality turquoise available, there is none better. All show matrix and all are very highly polished, simply gorgeous. With the right amount of creativity, these can even be mixed with the coffee pearls below for a stunning effect, or black onyx or just about anything else you can come up with. They will surely command attention.

Called coffee pearls, these are natural and come from shellfish. The color is imparted by impurities in the water and pearls this size ( average 25x30mm) take at least 40 years to grow, often longer. Obviously no two will ever be the same and no two strands will ever be the same, they vary widely in configuration. The natural rainbow is on the surface and they have a high shine to them which is also a natural phenomena, these are not treated in any way. Sold by the strand only, they are $395 per strand. A strand runs from 16-18" depending upon the pearls themselves. Loose strung.

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From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our glass is VINTAGE, AT LEAST 60 years old!

These items are NOT Glass, they are natural



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From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our glass is VINTAGE, AT LEAST 50 years old!