Chinese Good Luck...Long Life Pendants
Solid Brass.

Replica of the Buddhist "Bell to Summon Heaven". Buddhist prayer meetings were very noisy affairs and when the priests wanted to talk to Him, they felt he would not hear them with all the noise. So a bell was made of a secret material that was said to ring so loud that He could not ignore it. Then when they had His attention, they would say their prayers. This is a replica of that bell. The special bells were made in a secret place with the clapper made in another place, and the whole thing assembled in a third place. The reason for that was so no one could copy the bells. Several of these bells still exist today and can be purchased in antique stores in China. I have had the good fortune to have heard one, you can easily go deaf from the sound, yet the bell itself is no larger than an apple! We sell the pendants with the Chinese Knots and Chinese Good Luck Coins.
The Knots are hand tied from a single strand.
Several designs to choose from, each has a meaning . See article descriptions.


From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our glass is VINTAGE, AT LEAST 50 years old!