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All of the Plastics on this page are Vintage Plastics. All were made in the USA in the late 40's and early 50's as an alternative to glass beads.

The looks possible in plastic vary quite a bit from glass, many processes used in the manufacture of these beads is/was just not possible to do in glass.

Why use Plastics? For several reasons:

To reduce the weight of the finished products.
To lower the costs of the finished product.
To achieve a "look" that is not possible in glass.
To preserve the nature of the item in vintage while obtaining a different venue from glass.

All of these plastics are sold by lot for one price: $12 per lot. The number of beads in the lot, however, will vary and is listed next to the bead itself.

As time permits, I will add more plastics to this selection. Some of these beads are just as rare as some of the glass, some rarer.

Lot=15 beads. 18x22mm Ovals, Antique Ivory coloration.

This item is sold out

Lot=20 beads. 14mm round loveknots, Antique Ivory coloration. Order Item AI106

Lot=12 beads. 25x18mm ovals, Etched Black coloration. Order Item AI107

Lot=15 beads. Varying assortment of Silver Etched on White. Order Item AI108

Lot=12 beads. 25x18mm ovals, Etched White coloration. Order Item AI109

Lot=18 beads. 8mm. Genuine Gold Foil. Order Item #P064.

Lot=15 beads. 12mm. Transluscent. Order Item #P200.


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From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our beads are VINTAGE, AT LEAST 50 years old!