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An Inlaid Sea Ray Sterling Pin/Pendant

Very unusual piece, it is a Sea Ray inlaid with Abalone Shell and a long whip-like tail. Worry not, the tail is quite sturdy. Sterling Silver through and through and it is a Pendant AND a Pin. A conversation piece at no extra charge! eneric crab inlaid with domed Mother of Pearl in several colors. Priced at $85 . Style number ss0125.

Wholesale Price:$ 85.00

Department Store Price Compare at $270

Made with pride in the USA

A Hand Enameled (hard fired) Salamander Sterling Pin/Pendant

Measures about 2 1/2" in length. Sterling pin/pendant and not your every day salamander! Maybe it is the Gecko, you know the one I mean. Surface looks like a salamander to me, with those snubby toes and all, geckoes have claws I believe. Believe what you want when you own it, until then it is a salamander! Priced at $95, labor intensive item. . Style number ss0126.

Wholesale Price:$ 95.00

Department Store Price Compare at $285

Made with pride in the USA

Marcasite/Black Onyx Butterfly in Sterling Pendant

Black onyx forms the wings of this stylized butterfly pendant, the body is made up of genuine Swiss Marcasites and the whole thing is set in Sterling. Wings are hand carved, Flexible bail too. Style number sw004 is sold for $85 the piece, a unique item. .

Made with pride in the USA

Wholesale Price:$ 85

Department Store Price Compare at $255

Solid Elephant Pin in Marcasite

Lucky elephant with trunk UP so luck does not run out! It is true, I swear. Heavy, solid pin it will even stand by itself! This is a pin. Style number sw029 is sold for $85 the piece, a unique item. .

Made with pride in the USA

Wholesale Price:$ 85

Department Store Price Compare at $250

Marcasite Dragonfly

Marcasite Dragonfly pin with safety catch, rare rectangele marcasites make up the body, square ones make up the wings. Beautiful piece indeed. Style number sw005 is sold on sale for $119 each, a few available but do not get overconfident, a few is just that!

Order this as a pin OR as a pendant

Made with pride in the USA

Wholesale Price:$ 119

Department Store Price Compare at $ 369

Dragon Fly Sterling Pin/Pendant

Sterling Silver Dragon Fly Pin Pendant inlaid with white and yellow Mother-of-Pearl, Green and Blue American Turquoise and Orange Coral, a one-of-a-kind endeavor.Reasonably priced at $195 per piece. Style number ssq-06.

Wholesale Price: $ 195


Made with pride in the USA

Amazing Cubic Zirconia Panther Pendant

Panther sits on a Howlite Ball. ALL Cubic zirconia hand set pendant, incredible workmanship, wait till you see it! Looks exactly like diamonds. Only $69 the piece. Style number sw035.

Wholesale Price:$ 49

Made with pride in the USA

Free Gift Bag

Gift bag kit comes with all you see here. Organza bag, Sterling silver tags, gift bag with attached card and tissue paper.
You must have made an item puchase to receive these gift bags kits.
One per item please.
(colors/style may vary)

Sterling Silver Chain

18" Sterling Silver chain. These can be purchased for $9.99 each.

Whether you say "I can" or you say "I can't" you will be right either way. It is all up to you. ---so advises the King


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