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Amber Set in Sterling Silver

Note: Amber is a natural substance that formed millions of years ago from the sap of a tree that is now extinct. The age varies, and presumbably the color varies with the age which is from twenty million to sixty five million years old. Amber began to form at about the same time most dinosaurs became extinct, yes, it is possible that dinosaurs actually ate the trees from which this very amber formed! The lighter ones are younger, the darker it is the older it is. It Varies widely in color from an almost clear to totally opaque black. Each color has a definitive name that is accepted and recognized by the jewelry industry. Amber is unique in its chemical composition and appearance, has been popular for time immemorial. Some ancient people believed it has magical properties, it is definitely a beautiful substance and its magic today is in its ability to be so admired by so many people. Found primarily in the Baltic region, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland lie within the Baltic Region, it has also been found in small amounts in Mexico, San Salvador, and a particularly large piece, over 40 pounds, was recently found in Borneo although no other pieces were found there. It is therefore thought that this particular one was probably hauled there by some unknown and ancient people from someplace else. Most amber has bits of plant matter encased in it, some pieces also have bits of insects and a few very rare pieces have complete ants or gnats entombed in them. One piece was found in the Baltic area with an entire salamander in it, another with the bones of a frog, both are unique and priceless. The more common are the pieces with the plant matter which give it its unique mottled appearance; air bubbles in amber are also common and some even has multi million year old water trapped inside. We have set all pieces in Sterling Silver, suggest you use these pendants with necklaces that compliment the color of each particular piece. As it is a natural substance, no two are ever exactly the same in shape nor coloration. Amber will be a proud addition to your wardrobe. All Pieces are enlarged to show detail. Actual size is in the description.

All Measurements include the bail on the Vertical Measurement

Two Tone Amber Sterling Pendant

The dark part you see on the right side near the top is BLACK AMBER, making this a two tone pendant. Plenty of inclusions too in the golden amber part. One of a kind unique item. $95 the piece. Style number sa061.

Our Price: $ 95

Department Store Price Compare at $300

Made with pride in the USA

Large Amber Sterling Pendant

Areally big piece of amber set in a hand made sterling setting. Finding them these days of this magnitude is a challenge unto itself, never mind the superior color also. One to be proud to own, proud to wear. Style number sa062.

Made with pride in the USA

This Item has been Sold

Classic Amber Sterling Pendant

Translucent classic amber, a variety of plant matter seems to surround the center, almost like looking into some ancient cave. Pendant measures 25mmX56mm . High Set in a sterling mounting with a classic bail. $150 the piece. Style number sa035.

Made with pride in the USA

Our Price: $ 150.00

Department Store Price Compare at $475

Made with pride in the USA

Classic Amber Sterling Pendant

Translucent inverted classic tear drop amber, plant matter dominates the center but the sides are remarkably clear, a rarity. Pendant measures 24mmX53mm . Sterling frame is convoluted, that is the dark areas in the photo. $125 the piece. Style number sa036.

Made with pride in the USA

Our Price: $ 125.00

Made with pride in the USA

Department Store Price Compare at $389

Gradient Amber Pendant

Classic amber oval, gradient from sunshine to cognac. The piece measures 23x60mm, one by two and a half inches! Sterling Bezel, Style number sa014. Sells for $105 the piece.

Made with pride in the USA

Our Price: $ 105

Department Store Price Compare at $325

Made with pride in the USA

Two Color Amber Sterling Pendant

An assembled piece of two different colors of amber, olive and sunshine. Gives it a "two tone" look. The olive rises above the setting for a three dimensional feel as well. Pendant measures 22mmX44mm . $69 the piece. Style number sa038.

Made with pride in the USA

Our Price: $ 69.00

Department Store Price Compare at $225

Made with pride in the USA

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