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As the cost of precious metal varies greatly from day to day, you may either be billed or refunded for any difference between these prices and the price on the day you order before we ship.

Pricing is between $35-$45 Silver Market.

Pretty bar link chain. Measures 18". Order Item #HMC001.


Diamond cut ball chain. Measures 16 in. Order Item #HMC002.


Skip bar chain. Measures 15 in.. Order Item #HMC003.


Rope chain. Measures 20 in. Order Item #HMC004.


Plaque chain. Measures 18 in.. Order Item #HMC005.


Skip ball and cable chain. Measures 18in. Order Item #HMC011.


Called a 'sausage' chain, alternating brushed and smooth, Measures 16in. Order Item #HMC014.


Filigree balls make up this unusual chain.Measures 20in. Order Item #HMC015.


Fancy plaque chain.Measures 20 in. Order Item #HMC010.


Twisted bar chain.Measures 19in. Order Item #HMC016.


Solid beads make up this alternating brushed/polished ball chain which Measures 16in. Order Item #HMC017.


Solid wire makes up this basket chain which Measures 18 in. Order Item #HMC018.


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SS Chain By The Inch_ for the do it yourself die hards

SS Findings

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From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our glass is VINTAGE, AT LEAST 50 years old!