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Large cubes, deep purple coloring! Measure 15mm. Made in Germany in 1953.....imagine......during the last millenium! Sold in lots of 12 for $15, Order Item #BDVN5444.

Translucent pink candy color, if they worked in a hospital they would surely be called candy stripers. These are also German, well this is a German page if you did not figure that out already, and date to about 1951, they measure 14mm and are also in the league of the cube, but the hole runs catty corner giving them an offset if mixed with other cubes. Which is the right thing to do of course. And we always do the right thing! So as not to confuse you, these too are $15 the dozen and will work well with the coffee group, amongst other things of course! We do the beads, you do the creativity. Order Item #BDVN5446.

Reminiscent of an old friend who sold out a few years ago, we have these dead-on red flat ovals, measure 14x12mm. These are really a very deep gorgeous red and we can part with them for $10 for a dozen. Or 12 pcs, if you like it that way. Spots of black amidst the red to insure character. Item # BDVN5448..

I basically love these beads, they have a golden glow which even shows in the photo, they project it onto the background. See it? The underlying color of the translucent bead is olivine, there are pale blue spots scattered about for contrast I suppose. Whatever the reason, they are exciting beads. Down the middle is a fold of sorts, an indentation if you will, which can also be seen in the picture. The one bead on its side is there to show you that the pattern goes all the way around the bead, made in 1952. They measure 15x10mm, 9mm thick, perfectly proportioned ovals. Sold in lots of 12 pcs for $12. item # BDVN5450.

Bearing a white core which manifests itself at the holes, the ends of the beads, offering henceforth a stark contrast with whatever you add into the production. The outer is translucent red, really red and really translucent. Measure 10mm on all sides making them of course cubes. A lot of 12 is $10 Item #BDVN5447.

Called a quixus non quaxus bead for reasons lost to time, they measure 14mm and they are round. You see them, you get them for $9.50 per dozen. Now, quick! Get the quixus non quaxus quickly. This is known in the industry as "a deal". Made in the late 40's. Item # BDVN5454.

The red band you see occasionally rises above the milk glass base. The milk glass base gives off an inner glow in the right light. It is a greyish milk glass..dirty milk glass if you like. The red is translucent, by the way. They measure 14mm .. The price is $16.50 for 12 (which is exactly the number in a dozen!). Order # BDVN5451.

Let my friend Miriam teach you all about the tools and supplies you need when you make jewelry!

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From the King of Vintage Glass. All of this glass is VINTAGE, AT LEAST 50 years old!