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These are all HAND FACETED.

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Faceted Red Coral

Available in two sizes, loose or by the strand. The strands are loose strung on red cotton thread. These are cut from genuine red coral, the color is enhanced both to bring uniformity to them and bring out the shine of the material. Grade AAA.

We have them in 6mm and 9mm as follows:

  • 6mm 24 pcs $18
    strand (varies, 58-60 pcs): $35
  • 9mm 12 pcs $24
    strand (varies, 42-45 pcs): $72
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    Pink Shell Coral Flower Pendant

    Hand carved flower from the pink conch shell, these are carved in full relief. The flower stands away from the back part of the shell for a totally three dimensional presentation. A hole is suitably drilled on an angle to allow for attachment of a bail. Measures about 34mm. 1 pc. $32, we have very few of these. As this is a natural shell, coloring can vary but all are bright pink. Item # 10011.

    Large Freshwater Pearls

    High quality fresh water pearls, note the irridescence these show. They are large size too, hard to come by in this size and quality. They average 10x12mm, of course they will vary a bit as all pearls do, but this size and fine coloring was previously only found in salt water 100 times the price.
    This color is called "pink cream" as it leans towards both colors. Only sold in strands, the average strand has 28-32 pearls on it. In the wholesale market pearls are not sold by number but rather by weight so there is a wide variation in how many are on a strand. Loose strung on thread, the price is $35 per strand and is only sold by the strand. Item number 10012. Sold Final Sale at this low low price.

    Fresh Water Rice Pearls

    We have these basic rice pearls in our stock for at least 60 years, they all have lustre and life to them. If you use pearls you know what I am talking about. In the " old days " no one would even think of buying or using some of the flat dead pearls you see on the market today. Old is best! These are called rice pearls because they look like rice...same shape. They measure 3x5mm-4x6mm and there are 78- 80 pcs on a strand, which also tells you their age as today the standard strand is 16 " yet these are close to 20 ", which is how they were sold in yesteryear. We offer them to you at the special price of $15 per strand!! The quality is listed as Grade B but Grade B in the old days was a lot better than Grade A today. Final Sale at this give-away price but worry not, you will love them! Item # FW-1.


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