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Although most geodes are of a crystalline nature, some are of a harder substance such as these and can be fashioned as pendants on necklaces. The crystalline types are fragile and would break if drilled, dropped, or handled too much. The agate types, such as we offer here, are much more conducive to working as pendants as they are highly polished to show the natural configurations and are much harder than the crystal types (sometimes called nodules). They are natural slices of stone, the characteristics vary from a light taupe to black and you can select the colors you like although not the actual piece because no two are ever the same. Basically we have two size groups, the smaller are about 25x50mm, although some are longer and the larger which run about 50mmx80mm. These size descriptions are just guides, perhaps the rulers included in the photo can give you a better perspective. Three color variations, the taupe, the earthtones, and the blacks. Priced as follows:

  • Smaller ones are 3 for $15, by color range, take 6 (or more) and pay only $4 each
  • Larger ones are 3 for $21, by color range, take 6 (or more) and pay only $5.50 each
  • If you want to avail yourself of the savings, just order two lots or more and the computer will do the math
  • Use the pull down menus to make your selections.

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