Two Styles Pictured. Style "A" has a small opening for a thin chain and is recommended for lightweight pieces. It is available in Gold Tone or Antique Silver Tone for $3.00 per dozen when purchased with our pendants. It is not soldered closed. Wholesale lots are also available, 300 pcs of a color for $100.

Style "B" is heavier, the opening is wider, and is recommended for heavier pieces such as our crystal pendants, stone pendants etc. Available in Anodized Black OR Antique Silver Tone, sorry, not made in gold tone. All parts are fully soldered for extra strength. It is sold with our pendants for $6.00 per dozen or in wholesale quantities of 300 pcs per color for $190.

All bails Are Sold Final Sale




Enlarged to Show Detail.
Actual Length of Bail when in use is 18mm from top to bottom.

Instructions for Use:

A--Bail as received from us

B--Using your needle nosed pliers, bend open side around to meet post, insert post through the pendant and then into hole on open side of bail.

C--Still using the pliers, bend balance of post upward flush against the back of the bail. Leave some slack so that pendant can swing freely. Maximum usable length of post to pass through pendant is 9mm, leaving 2mm to bend up and secure.

**Note: It is best to use a pliers that does not have serrated jaws, to avoid scratching the bails. IF the only pliers you have are the serrated type, wrap the jaws with scotch tape when working on the bails.

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