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Large Semiprecious Hearts

Somewhat larger hearts, 30mm , Sold individually. All have a bail and they vary in price as shown in the picture. These are not the dyed variety known as "candy stones", these are the real McCoy, natural colors. Sold by the piece for $7.99. Rose Quartz is sold out. Item #SP10.

Carnelian Hearts!

Genuine CARNELIAN Heart, about 22mm wide. The RARE BLOOD Carnelian, not the common rust one. Sold individually in lots of 1 pc for $12. Item # SP10G.

Fully Facetted SMOKY TOPAZ Hearts with a GOLD FILLED bale. Three Sizes-10mm,13mm,16mm. Hand Cut and Facetted, Sold as follows: 10mm 2/$27 13mm 2/$41, 16mm 2/$50 . Smoky Topaz is always a popular stone, but you won't easily find them in heart shape. These are flawless and very rare, almost impossible to find. And we have only a few. Item # FND-SP7 (a-b-c-)

Genuine Mother-Of-Pearl Heart with hole drilled in top for a bale. Mother-of-Pearl has recently been added to the endangered species list, making it illegal to bring in to the USA anymore. It is legal to sell what is already here, but new supplies can no longer be imported. We have these in stock since the early 50's. When they are sold out, that is the end of it! These measure between 20-25mm (a full inch), a handiwork so they do vary somewhat. Note also that they are dapped (curve outward) making them fully 3-dimensional. Sold in lots of 1 pc for $6.

Ebony and Ivory, literally. These hearts are made from Genuine Ivory and Black Ebony. We have two sizes, large is one inch and the smaller is 3/4 inch. The large is available only in Ebony/Ivory and the small is available in Teak/Ivory. We sell the larger for $12 each and the smaller for $10 each. These are grandfathered under the ivory ban as they were in our stock long before the ban on ivory took place. Item # SP2a,b,c.

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From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our glass is VINTAGE, AT LEAST 50 years old!