All items on this page are GENUINE Agate Beads, Hand Carved.

Bear in mind that there are 25mm in one inch which will help you judge the relative sizes.


These are all natural Stone and there will be some variation in color.

Leopard Agate

Spotted leopard agate, these are transluscent and brownish in color configuration. Ends are polished flat, hole drilled through. Measures 15x12mm. Use for Pendants or Earrings. Order # ST015.

Lot of 6 for $10.

Multi Spotted Leopard Agate

Color leans towards reddish, all transluscent. Size is 15mmx12mm, some variation. Use for Bracelets or Earrings.

Brown and White African Agate

Bold spots on this natural agate stone. Oval, measures 16mm x 12mm. Sold in lots of 6 for $11.00. Order # ST014.

Stone Bottles

Genuine stone magic bottles, rub them and see what happens! Keep rubbing until something happens. If you rub long enough something is bound to happen. Make excellent pendants, natural colorations in each bottle vary, all hand carved. Shaped from natural Carnelian, colorations vary. About 35mm long by 20mm wide, like that matters! Magic is magic. Item # ST024. $5.00 each. Order 3 and get 1/4 dozen! Limited time offer. Buy more and spend more!! Do it!!


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