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* Professional Tip:
These pendants make an easy sale because they are semi precious and when added to a Gold Filled or 14K Gold Chain the item can legally be marked as such. Same holds true for Sterling Silver. Add descriptive Tags and you have an item that is easy to market, professional, and bears intrinsic value. If you re-sell your creations these do well in beach and tourist areas where people look to buy better hand crafted products.

24K Gold surrounds this beautiful butterfly hand carved From Bilateral Mother of Pearl. ALL have the black ab coloration on one side and the white ab coloration on the other side. Cut from the most select part of the shell to achieve this balance. Note the rainbow effects along the wings, this is all natural. Complete with bail it measures 3" across the wingspan and about half as much from top to bottom. Naturally no two exactly the same in coloration, we have only a few of these and then they are gone forever. You want original and unique? This fits the bill perfectly. Made in the late 50's. One piece is $12, three pieces for $30. Order #Sh44. Includes Bail, as seen in photo.

$4 Each or Less!

Black lip hand carved abalone assembled to a natural color mother of pearl flower. Use as a pendant or a unique button top for an earring. To use as an earring just affix a post or clip to the back, turn upside down and add beads to the jump ring for a truly one-of-a-kind product. In fact, if you buy them in pairs we will assume you are making earrings, we will leave off the jumpring and knock a buck off the price of each one to boot! So your net cost will be $6 a pair. You can even use as just a plain button earring alone with no beads, just leave the jump ring off and add the post or clip. What could be easier? And they are semi-precious (strong selling point), add a 14k post and it is legally a 14k item. Same for Sterling or Gold Filled. This is a unique product, we have the three styles pictured since before we can remember. Volume buyers can take three dozen or more either way and save another 20%! Natural product will vary slightly from piece to piece, we will match pairs as closely as is humanly possible. Penny for comparison of size, not included with product (unless you want to pay us 25¢ extra for each one). Order #Sh54.

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$4 Each or Less!

Black lip hand carved abalone assembled to a white mother of pearl flower. Same offer as above, including discounts. Order #Sh52.

Type in 36 or more in the quantity space if you want the discount

24K Gold also surrounds this beautiful flower, hand carved From Mother of Pearl but these are either carved from the dark side, as shown, or the light side (not shown). The light side ones are all MOP with an exceptional display of the rainbow, which does not photograph well. Hence we gave up trying to photograph it. $15 each, take two and pay only $12 each and we will do our best to give you both varieties (depends on prior sales). Both the dark and the light are also bordered in the 24K gold. About 2 1/4-2 1/2 inches across. Order #Sh47.

24K Gold on the edges of this stylized flower, these are cut from the darker MOP, hence the AB, or rainbow effect is more prominent. Includes Bail, as seen in photo. One piece, $13. About 2 1/4-2 1/2 inches across. Order #Sh45.

24K Gold on the edges and across the design, this is a smaller version of the one above. We have both configurations, light and dark. The dark is much more rare than the light, only about one in fifty shells will yield the right color to make this style. Hence the light is less money than the dark. The light is $11 and the dark is $19 each or take one of each and pay $27 while they last, which won't be long. Rainbow effect, which is totally natural is easy to see on the darker one.Includes Bail, as seen in photo. Order #Sh46.

ALL Pendants are Drilled at the Top

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