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Precious Estate Pieces

Note: All items on this page and other Estate pages qualify as Estate Pieces. That means they came from various estate sales in and around the New York area including sales in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Massachussetts, Connecticut and Delaware. Each piece has been professionally cleaned and is functional as stated, however no parts have been replaced, all of the item is original. Appraisal from an Independant Jeweler will Be supplied with Each Piece

When this section was originally added, fine gold was selling for about $800 per ounce. It has since risen above $1200 per ounce. Hence the price you see is the price at $800 per ounce, write for current prices as it varies too wildly now to quote an exact price on the page.

Estate Cameo Pin/Pendant in 14K White Gold, with Diamonds

Beautiful Italian cameo cut from a conch shell and set in a filigree White 14K gold setting. A 5 pt. diamond adorns her neck and another 2 pt. Diamond adorns her ear. The metal on the neck and the ear have discolored over the years, we dare not clean them as we do not want to damage the cameo itself. It is possible that the maker colored these parts himself, there is no way to check that out. It matters not because anyone can see this is really a very old piece, over 150 years old and truly a one of a kind to have survived intact this long. Of special importance is to note the way the face and neck were sculpted, in three dimensions. To the touch they are actually rounded as in life, in fact that is quite visible in the photo. It is reminiscent of the way Michelangelo carved his statue of David, something that has been noted and admired throughout history. This degree of attention to detail is not often found in cameos or other carvings of this ilk. Should be purchased by someone who appreciates fine art as well as fine jewelry. It is a good size piece, measures 42x52mm and a lot of detail took a lot of time to carve into this beautiful cameo. It was probably made in either Italy or Germany, the style dates it back to the 1850's. There is also a bail which folds out of the way when not in use (in the back), hence it is both a pin and a pendant! Priced at $425 the piece. Style number es008.


Antique Porcelain Limoge Pin in Sterling, Signed

Signed limoge pin set in Sterling, beautiful blonde young lady with blue eyes! May have been an actual portrait or just the artist's daydream, we will never know. The piece is signed in the porcelain on the back -and priced at $135. Measures approximately 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches, for this type of pin it is large. About 100 years old.

Our Price: $ 115

14K Gold Pocket Watch

An original WALTHAM solid 14 gold pocket watch in running condition. With snap shut cover and an early serial number, number 1183568 Bartlett model, manufactured in 1878 in Waltham MA. On the front cover (inset) there is a stylistic "E" engraved. This watch has a separate second hand dial, quite visible in the photo. Waltham Watch Company began production in 1850 and made their millionth watch in 1878. They stopped adding sequential serial numbers in 1957 with the serial number then above 35 million so you can see that this one is an extremely low serial number in their series, and it is still functional! It also qualifies as a collector item due to the low serial number. It is a wind up model, should be wound once a day and will run for 24 hours if maintained thusly. Just like the one your great grandpa used. Made of 14K gold, it Weighs in at 2.5 ounces and it measures about 2.4 inches with the stem (the windup thingy). A proud addition to anyone's wardrobe, be it a gentleman using it to adorn his vest or a lady using it as a pendant.

Style number es006a, priced at $900.

14K Gold Cameo Pin

A beautiful cameo pin from the late 1920's, setting measures about 1 inch by 1 1/2 inches. Notice that little smile on her face, I wonder what she was up to before she posed for this carving? What would you think it was?

Style number es007, priced at $150, European Made.

14K Gold Tri Color Pin

A very unusual pin, it is very old and we cannot date it accurately. Appears to be of Italian or Greek origin, it is tri-color gold, yellow, pink and green gold. An embossed engraving of a soldier of some sort, he is wearing a helmet with a snake on it!! This is a very unusual piece, I would bet you have never seen anything like it. The pin in the back appears to have been hand made, this is definitely a one-of-a-kind item.

Style number es009, priced at $350, European Made.

18K Gold Mesh Bracelet

A rare mesh bracelet made in Italy about 50-60 years ago, this piece weighs in at just under two ounces of pure 18k gold The design allows it be quite light on the wrist when worn but in fact it is actually quite a heavy piece of gold. It has a click lock and two double eight safety locks to boot, all of which close in a very positive fashion! The width is 4/5 inch and it shines incredibly as the bracelet surfaces have been hand chased, a process no longer in use which makes all surfaces very smooth. Hand chasing was used before diamond cutting was invented but bear in mind that diamond cutting loses some of the gold while hand chasing does not. It is a lost art. Overall the length is 7 inches but when closed on the wrist it actually shows 6 1/2 inches.

Style number es010, priced at $2495, European Made.

14K Gold Screwback Earrings from Toledo

Fourteen Karat Gold Screwback earrings from the old world, made more than 100 years ago in Toledo, Spain.


Estate Marcasite with MOP

Pretty little marcasite pendant with four teardrops forming a mother of pearl design, mid 30's, Europe. Pendant measures 23mmX12mm . $23 the piece.


4 CT. TW Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Classic two line Diamond Tennis Bracelet totals out to 136 matching diamonds, 4 carats total weight. This bracelet is about 7 1/2" long, we can reduce the length to fit if you so desire. The diamonds are F-G color VS1, if you know anything about diamonds then you know that it is very difficult, and very expensive, to find any diamonds these days that are better than H or I color, but these are F-G color and VS1 which makes them very valuable indeed. Has a safety catch, visible in photo, and a button lock for double measure. The actual appraisal from an independent jeweler for this bracelet is $6500 and will be includedand sent to the lucky purchaser. Unlike many commercial diamond items today which are made overseas, this piece was custom made right here in New York in the Diamond District. We obtained it in an estate sale, it is in new condition (perfect). These diamonds are not treated in any way as so many are these days, they are naturally gorgeous and shine and sparkle the way you would expect a fine piece of jewelry to behave!


18K White Gold 8 CT TW Diamonds, Princess Cut

This is what they mean when they say bling!. Eight carats total weight of color H princess cut diamonds, set into a custom made 18K White Gold bracelet. Princess cut is very popular now, it has been around about ten years and finding them in any color higher than K or L is very rare indeed. These have been graded H by a GIA certified appraiser, the appraisal is sent with the bracelet. Special foldover positive lock and double sided tongue in box lock assures that she cannot lose this piece. The perfect gift for the perfect woman! Who that is is for you to decide. Unique piece and priced at only $10,000.

Sorry, this item has been sold! These better pieces do not last very long it seems. If you see something here that you like, it might be wise to grab it as you get only one chance!

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