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Seed Beads from PRE WORLD WAR 2 meaning these are at least 60 years old, made in Japan.

The markings on the storage boxes are faded, if we can read the sizes we will list the sizes. Otherwise we will offer the sizes in millimeters if measurable. ALL SOLD BY WEIGHT, by the gram. Depending upon the size there are more or less beads in a gram, but generally speaking there are 250-500 beads in ten grams. Naturally, there are more of the smaller ones than the larger.

The modern Versions are called "Delica". These are certified vintage Delica.

Crystal LINED WITH AQUAMARINE. Size 6/0 10 Grams for $15. Item # SBD-VN911.

Baby Pink. Approximately 2.1 mm. 10 Grams, $12. Item # SBD-VN914.

Extremely bright yellow, you will need sunglasses to look at these!, 10 grams $15 Size 8/0 Seed Bead. # 928.

Jet black, size 6/0 Order Item# SBD-VN927. 10 grams/$ 9.50

Transluscent TEAL blue, size 9/0. 10 grams/$18 Order Item #SBD-VN926.

Transluscent GREY, Size 8/0 10 grams/$12. Item# SBD-VN924.

Transluscent deep Cobalt Blue. Size 6/0 Order Item# SBD-VN921 at $18 for 10 grams.

Light Beige, odd color. Size 4mm.10 Grams, $13. Item # SBD-VN923.

A rare seed bead, this one is deep green!,actually listed on the bin as olivine but it seems a mite darker to me. As pictured. Size 8/0, . Item # SBD-VN945, 10 grams/$18.

Deep color, 3mm 10 Grams for $11. Item # SBD-VN929.

Actually round in shape, these are tubes, they measure just under 2x2mm. Color is called "Scarabee", it is jet black with an AB finish. Vintage beads not easy to come by. 10 grams $18. Item # SBD-VN933.


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From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our glass is VINTAGE, AT LEAST 50 years old!
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