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Colors discontinued many years ago. Finishes that proved to be too expensive for the mass market of the day.
All in Limited Supply. Very limited.

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These are the old "Article 42".

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Green Tourmaline, also known as "Tourmaline" and 'Turmaline', these are 5mm, the smallest one ever made. Sold in lots of 36 for $18.Order Item# BDVN6164.

Indian sapphire, a very pretty subtle bluish grey color. These are 10mm, article 42, sold in lots of 6pcs for $15, tem # BDVN6159b.

Smoke Topaz AB, 10mm article 5307, sold in lots of 6pcs for $13.50, Full package $172. (6 dozen in a package). Sometimes these were called mushroom beads..there is more to this than we will ever know..."Smoke..."..."Mushrooms..."....hmmm. Item # BDVN6114.

A few available also in 8mm, sold in lots of 12pcs for $18.00, order item # BDVN-6118.

Lost in the annals of time (I hope I spelled that right), Crystal Vitrail Dark, labeled just Vitrail Dark, this rare finish is in size 12mm, same article number 5307.

Sold Out

Montana AB, 12mm, Article 42. Kinda looks familiar, doesn't it? Sold in lots of 6pcs for $27. Full package of 48pcs, $226. Item #BDVN6116.

Colorado Topaz AB, 12mm. Precious few of these, so precious that we cannot offer a package to you. Sold in lots of 6 for $27.00 Order # BDVN6117.

Popular, this is Light Colorado Topaz, yes a popular color but go find it in this size! It is 10mm, long gone in availability. Look at the shine, the facets reflect it every which way, this is an oldie that is tough to locate. We have the bead in some smaller sizes elsewhere in this catalog, the bead itself tough to locate as it has been discontinued in colors for many years. I have a few to share, but quantities are strictly limited.

Sold in lots of 6 for $18. Order # BDVN6171.

Soft light grey crystals, article 42 originally. 10mm round, this is almost a ghost of color, subtle, light, incredible. Sold in lots of 6pcs for $24.00, Order# BDVN6120.

Very Limited supply of 12mm also available. Sold in lots of 6 for $36.00. Strict limit of 2 lots per person, this bead is very rare and we would like to spread it around a bit.

Madeira Topaz, the only item we have left in Madeira. Sold out on what we had in 8mm in only a few months, and I do not expect this one to last long either. This one is 10mm. Selling it at 6pcs for $24 is cheap, most of these old Swarovski beads have gone up 1000 percent in the past 2 years, and that is just the common ones! This is a rare one and it too will rise I am sure. Sorry, no packages to offer. Item #BDVN6121.

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From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our glass is VINTAGE, AT LEAST 50 years old!