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Joulan, not to be confused with Joulet. Apparently either the same or a similar base, this item was also made by Swarovski on a special consignment and confined to a single customer. These were acquired at an auction in the early 50's. Looking at this bead will tell you why Swarovski beads are/were so popular, absolutely incredible. It is in the pink-cranberry family, that is as close as I can get. They are round, there is a finish on them that shows as reflections in the photo, and I do not expect these to be here too long. We did have them in 5mm and those are long gone. These measure 6mm.

Sold in lots of 12 for $15.00. Order Item #BDVN6670.

Article 5101 Hyacinth 5mm. Little baby nailheads, they're too cute to pass up!

Sold in lots of 12 pieces for $6.00. Order Item #BDVN6672 .

Article 5500, Teardrop in Classic Crystal AB. Stunning! Measures 18x12mm.

Sold in lots of 6 pieces for $24.00. Order Item #BDVN6678.

Article 159 Rhondelle in Black Diamond, measures 6mm. Great spacer.

Sold in lots of 12 pieces for $6.00. Order Item #BDVN6674.

Just don't make 'em like they used to! Here is a long discontinued Medium Vitrail bead in 8mm. This one has extra facets which you can see where the arrows point. The extra facetting was added to give the beads more brilliance, it worked quite well but proved to be a costly process and was soon abandoned. Another Swarovski gem from 1947.

Sold in lots of 12 pcs for $15. Excellent value for a totally extinct bead! BDVN1258.

Article 5000 in Light Jonquil. Beautiful light yellow. Measures 14mm.

Sold in lots of 6 pieces for $18.00. Order Item #BDVN6677.

Article 5000 Grey crystal 6mm Rounds. I just can't explain this color, very classy and sharp!

Sold in lots of 12 pieces for $10.00. Order Item #BDVN6673.

Article 5033 Ruby Quartz 10mm Round, sort of. Ok maybe a lump? Either way a rare and different bead by Swarovski! Not everything they made was facetted.

Sold in lots of 12 pieces for $15.00. That's a deal for these oldies!! Order Item #BDVN6141.

Absolutely Beautiful 6mm Rhondelle in Ultra. Another great spacer bead.

Sold in lots of 12 pieces for $9.00. Order Item #BDVN6675.

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