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Rare Beads Are Sold in Lots of Two Pcs. Size shown is in Millimeters, Length by Width.
There are 25 millimeters in one inch. Let that be your guide.
Price is for the pair.

Any bead in this section has an inventory of less then 50 pair. Some have less than a dozen pair.

ALL Beads in this Section are Sold FINAL SALE


Italy, early fifties.


Pearlized Japanese cubes, 1948. Originally called "silk baroque", don't ask me why because I have no idea why. IF you insist, I will make up something. They are a nice chocolate brown with a coating of pearlescent, measure 13mm square, which if you have not figured it out yet, makes them cubes. NOTICE the holes run catty-corner. That is important to know if you are stringing them. A little underlying grey comes up here and there. Intentionally, gives them character. Sneakier devils than even the mink delight, these are sold in lots of 2 pcs for $24.00. Item # BD-VN-1103.

Rare COBALT BLUE BEEHIVES, from West Germany 1948. Measure 11X9mm, just about half an inch in length. The use of Cobalt was banned worldwide in all commercial production, it is impossible today to get any raw materials using this product. These join our precious few cobalts, the savvy will be quick to order them knowing they won't be here for long. Be careful of modern imitations made with cow pye. ! Sold in lots of 2 for $22. Item #BD-VN15X.

Translucent teal beads from Czechoslovakia, these are original Cathedral beads. The sides are frosted, the face of the bead is clear and smooth. 1951. Sold in lots of 2 pcs for $18.00. Item # ff198.

Oval 9x11mm Window Beads, these are more than 50 years old and oval in shape. There is an AB finish on one side, with some facetting on that side. Egg shaped and a very rare and unusual bead. Sold in lots of 2. Order# BDVN80A for $19.00 per lot.

Sorry, sold out

Tough one to come by, we have very few for sale. Old OLD item known as "Crackle" bead, this one has a dark rootbeer coloring injected into it, heavily textured surface. Czech, year unknown. Measures 15mm. No two are identical. Sold in lots of 2 for $22.BDVN081.

Rare and elusive, this bead suffers a double whammy. It is the hard to find size 10mm article # 335 from Swarovski AND it is MINK! Long ago discontinued in both design and Color, we sell them in lots of 2 for $99. Order Item# BDvn1130.

Ever popular bead, this type is called "Milk Glass" because of the milky white inclusion in it. About 10mm round, and facetted, it is a popular bead but not easy to find, especially in so many colors!! THIS one is RED blending to a bluish lavender milkyness (I made up that word). We have found five so far!! We offer them here, by color. We will sell what we have in lots of 2 pcs. For RED, Order# BD-VN146a for $ 18.00 per lot.

For BABY BLUE, Order# BD-VN146b, 2 pcs for $18.00 per lot.

Green is the color of this one, a turquoise green!! Order# BD-VN146d, 2 pcs for $18.00 per lot.

Like a little planet, these gorgeous beads have yellow, brown, green, and red swirls on a deep blue background. 9mm Round, From Japan, Circa 1948, we sell them in lots of 2 pcs for $16 per lot!! Not too many left so Get them before they are gone!! Order # BDS-VN213x.

Pale Pink, Sold in lots of 2. Order# BDS-VN146c for $21.00 per lot.

Why is it that we park cars worth thousands of dollars on the driveway...
and then fill our garages with useless junk?

----So questions the King


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From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our glass is VINTAGE, AT LEAST 50 years old!