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Light amethyst CUBES measure 4x4mm. Czech in origin, 1948. Sold in lots of 12 for $5. Three lot minimum. Great spacers or use together. Order Number BD-VN1286 because if you don't, you will never see this item.

Irridescent 12mm RED PEARLS! Where else could you find this but at this site? Not too many to be had of these classic Japanese creations from 1949. Sold in lots of 6 for $129. Just kidding!! Six for $15. BD-VN-1153

Tapered rectangles, measure 5X8mm, from West Germany circa 1949. Look closely at these beads, they are rare bicolors...there is a bit of honey color at one end and for the most part the bead is dominated by the red inclusions. Uncommon in this configuration, uncommon in this shape. If you are looking for common beads, you are in the wrong place! Sold in lots of 12 for $9.50, BD-VN-1152.

Pretty pink pearlescents, 6mm, Czech 1948. Sold in lots of 6 for $7. Popular color, pink is, for whatever reason. A stinker of a bead! So these won't last too long either! BD-VN-1136B.

Absolutely stunning French bicones from 1950. Yes, they are twisted and turned but upon close examination you can see they started out as bicones. Subtle pink moves to burgundy, splashed with white and touches of GOLD FOIL hither and yon. You DO remember Hither and Yon, don't you? Famous Boston haberdashery. Later became To and Fro, the grandchildren are often called Frick and Frack.Now you remember, right? Sold in lots of 2 pcs for $45 per lot, for those once-in-a-lifetime earrings.

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French bead of rust brown and gold foil. As usual the gold foil does not come across clearly, it is those muddy areas you see on the beads. BUT those of you who do not know what gold foil is, or who do not buy it because you have no idea what it is, are truly missing out on one of the nicest finishes in the bead world. It profers (yes, profers) an overall appearance that cannot be described nor duplicated any other way. So the only way to know, is to see them, and the only way to see them got it!! It will open up a whole new world to you. 12mm cube. Sold in lots of 2 pcs (a FULL pair!) for $24. A real oldie, you don't see this kind anymore. Go ahead, close your eyes, that is what life would be like without these beads! Order # BDVN410.

Made to look exactly like coral, by our Japanese friends in 1948 (in 1948, they were already our friends), these odd beads are, yes, the EXACT color of South Pacific RED CORAL, which is really reddish orange, just like these beads. Fat ovals, 19X14mm more or less. They do vary somewhat, so when you use them, they are not uniform and look just like real coral, which is also not uniform. Of course, these are better than real coral because real coral is rough and tends to snag clothing, whereas glass, such as these, doesn't. See? Coral looks good with Jade, Lapis, Light Blue...sort of that Oriental look.

Sold in lots of 2 pcs for $30. Order# BD-VN413.

We also have a littler one of this, it measures 9x12mm and there are only a few lots available at the price of 2 pcs (1 lot) for $25. This one is rarer than the larger and the larger is extremely rare. So do what you will, this is surely a connoisseur item.

Propeller beads from the same maker as the banana beads (can't you tell?), these measure 18mmx7mm. They have a matte finish on them and WYSIWYG which is computerese for "What you see is what you get". A mite bulbous on one end, but then, aren't we all? Now that we have cleared that up all that is left to tell you is that they are 6 pcs for $12. Now you know it all. Five colors, sold by color. BD-VN665+color. Buy twice as many, pay twice as much. Can't go wrong with a deal like that, can you?

Striated ovals, Tortoise shell coloration, sold in lots of 12 pcs for $15. Measure 8X6mm, the most sought after configuration of the pyramidal spiral. This is a very uncommon bead and will soon be extinct. BDVN1150.

Made in 1952 by Swarovski, this was the original color of the mother of all the Topaz, known as "Topaz". When Smolen P. Rutherman first found this color in the line up, limited in it's day, he became enamored of it and when told it was in limited production, he became enraged. This one is 14mm in size, Smolen was somewhat bigger. Hanging around the distributors of the day, Smolen mysteriously claimed to have some glandular disease and each day became more and more swollen until one day he was seen trotting across a field, swollen beyond imagination. Curiously, a large number of 14mm Topaz, of limited production, disappeared that day and it was said that Smolen was not really swollen, but in fact had stolen the beads. When the local constable was advised of the suspicions of the many, he simply replied "Smolen is too swolen to have stolen anything, now I am going bowlin', so don't bother me again". It is just a rumor of course, but each bead does have a history. This one is sold in lots of 6pcs for $22.50. Dare I say "a steal"? Well, actually since they are sold out.......

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