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Fantastic multi colored gold foil bead from Japan, 1954. Suspected to be an example of the flattened egg of the infamous multi-color leopard, indigenous to Eastern Asia until the mid 50's whence they mysteriously disappeared. These measure 15mm in circumference and 8mm in thickness, just a point you should be aware of. Oh, excuse me, poor grammar. A point of which you should be aware..that's better. Sold in lots of 12 pcs for $18. Order# BDVN5383, you will never be sorry.....unless you don't order them of course and later wish you had when they are all gone.

The oval version. I wasn't going to post this one either nor the last one because there are so few of either one but I am a weakling so here they are. Just not good at arguing with the pretty ladies, if you know what I mean. The oval measures 9mmx19mm and is still 12 for $18, in case you have not figured that out yet. Order# BDVN2557 . .

Called technically a Rose Bead, these oldies from Japan, 1950, are thus called because the design is a sculpted rose. A lot clearer in the other colors shown below, these are smoky topaz or rootbeer color. They are translucent and bear the white swirls you see in them, whilst the others don't but each has its own virtue. Unlike myself who has not seen his virtue years. Can't say as I miss it either. Rose beads are found in many varieties but usually in metal, not in glass. Of course these are glass so they are a rarity. Sold in lots of 12 for $18.00, please note that ALL the four colors we show will work well with each other, all four or any combination thereof. So that also is a rarity to find in vintage, four that are compatible. Measure 13mm. Order# BDVN2549 for this color.

Pale pink version. Also has a subtle white swirl in it. Measure 13mm. Lot of 12 $18.00. Order# BDVN2548 for this color.

Yellow version. Also has a subtle white swirl in it, semi translucent. Measure 13mm. Lot of 12 $18.00. Order# BDVN2551 for this color.

Another green bead, yes, it is green with a wonderful encapsulation of gold aventurine on most of the surface. Most, but not all. The green is clearly seen past the aventurine and deep into the bead. I have never before seen a bead like this, and I've seen a lot of beads you can be sure. Better yet, the green is just about identical to the one above, even though this one comes from Czechoslovakia and the other from Japan. And a few years apart, this being from 1954. You will be totally amazed at this bead, the surface is 100% smooth. Doesn't look like it, but it is. The aventurine sparkles like none you have ever seen, unfortunately "sparkle" is not one of those things you can capture on film. I am the King, and if I tell you that this thing sparkles you can bet your bippy that it really sparkles!! Measures 15mm. Sold in lots of 12 for $12, that should make a believer out of you. The two work together quite well and there is enough difference in the size so that one does not overpower the other. Order #BDVN5387.

A really odd one again, this one is black and silver, the silver mixed amidst the black which you can see. So why am I telling you? It is West German, measures a stately 21x14mm and fits right into what we were talking about before (the newsladies, remember?). Sold in lots of 12 pcs for $21 . Do what you will. Free choice is always the credo here. Order #BDVN5390.

"Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights do make a left" ----the King

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