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Older Colors and many are no longer made (and haven't been for quite some time).
All in Limited Supply. Very limited.

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All the beads on this page are one variety, pendants. Almost.

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Magnficent multicolor pendant measures 18x9mm, a teardrop. One side is a golden metallic color, the pendant itself is a dark smoked glass that throws off all colors of the spectrum, subtley. A rare one and one you will be totally ecstatic about. The color is officially called Aragon....I think. It is hard to read as the printing has faded over the years but three people said that is what it seems to say. So Aragon it is! Sold in lots of 2 pcs for $15. Order# BD VN6325X.

Mediterranean Teardrops, measure 11x6mm. Sold in lots of 6 pcs for $18 . Order# BD VN6410.

Very rare item, this is a 28mmX14mm Comet Argent Light 2x pendant of which few exist in our collection. Dates from 1956, note where the hole is, clearly visible in the picture. A magnificent centerpiece for any necklace, highly polished and then coated with a special silver finish that even breaks up the light into its spectral components. When these are gone you will never see anything like them again so do what must be done. Sold for $25 each. Order # BDVN6400.

One package for sale, rare 28x14mm Smoke Topaz pendant, sold for $16 per piece. The one package has 12 pcs in it and is sold for $192, this is a very rare bit of bead history and the last of its kind. Order # BDVN6487.

Another smaller one in Cherry Red, this one there is an original package for sale also for $190. These measure 22x11mm and are sold in lots of 2pcs for $15. Order # BDVN6488.

The Package

Another rare pendant, these are Fuchsia and measure 18x9mm. Sold in lots of 3pcs for $18, make a great front drop for a classic vintage looking necklace. Order # BDVN6486.

Special shape, big tear drop CRYSTAL AB pendant from DS Swarovski, circa 1956. the AB shows quite well on this piece as the facets magnify it's beauty. This piece has hole running left to right near the top for either stringing or a bale. Very Rare Find. It is quite large, measuring 24mmX16mm, about an inch long by 2/3 wide. As the center of any special creation, this is a winner and a rare find. Do not expect them to last. One, # BDVN670sp, pc $29

Same pendant, this one does not have the AB finish. These are identical except of course for the finish. With the perfectly cut facets it even looks like AB, but it is just pure crystal, pure beauty. Sold in lots of 1 for $24. # BD-VN-670S.

Large crosses, dime added for comparison of size. They measure an odd 38 x 29mm, have a hole center top for a bail or whatnot. Edges are frosted. These are the original leaded variety, do not confuse with the modern unleaded one which has an AB finish applied to give it some life. The original pieces were made of 32% leaded crystal glass (as was all vintage Swarovski), modern ones are purported to be of some other composition. Leaded glass needs no "help", it naturally spouts out the spectrum due to the lead content in the glass. Sold in lots of $19 each. Beveled. Order Item# 1270C.

Large Glacier Blue crosses, the last of the glacier blue pendants. This and the one below are all there are. Forever. Measure 38x29mm and bear a predrilled hole also. Depending on the background and the way the light hits these determines how they ultimately look. Edges are frosted. We chose a black background as it is somewhat neutral. Sold in lots of $19 each. Beveled. Order Item# 1270Y.

Small Glacier Blue crosses, the last of the glacier blue pendants. This and the one above are all there are. Forever. These measure 20x16mm and bear a predrilled hole also. Edges are also frosted. Sold in lots of $12 each. Beveled. Order Item# 6481.

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