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Old Metal Beads & Findings are From American Factories no longer in Business.
None of these have been made since 1960.

 Important NOTE: When the term "Gold" is used in this section, it refers to gold plated merchandise, when the term "Silver" is used in this section, it refers to silver plated merchandise. None of these Beads are made of any kind of precious metal.


Chain tassels made in the USA. These are 12 strand tassels with a bead cap joining them. Do not confuse these oldies with the modern ones that are only 5-8 strands, the more strands the more full they are and it shows when you use them. Only available in gold tone. They are about 1 3/4 inches long (44mm)and are sold for $4 PER PAIR. Item number VB109, made of brass.

Chain tassels made in the USA with a 10mm pearl top. Note the wire frame around the pearl and the filigree tulip cap at the top. Only available in gold tone. They are about 60mm long, just shy of 2.5 inches, and are sold for $6.00 Per Pair. Item number VB110, made of brass.

Suggested use: Add a Vintage Glass Bead to the Top and You Have an Instant Unique Pendant or Pair of Earrings!!

Twisted beads made in 1952, made in the USA. Smooth gold finish, measure about 8x13mm. Sold in lots of 6 for $10 or 12 for $18, a classic and one that is never going to be seen again. Item number 009, made of brass. You can order as many lots as you want above 2 and the discount will hold accordingly.


Corrugated brass beads measure 14mm, gold tone. These all show a pin in them which you can easily remove either by cuttting the pin or opening the eye and taking it out. Sold in lots of 6pcs for $9, a bargain and then some as this type is no longer made and these date back at least until 1960, probably older. Order# VB105 .

Another filigree bead, this one measures 10mm, gold tone. These also show a pin in them which you can easily remove without fear of harrassment by the bead police. Not a great many of these have survived in pristine condition, and they are sold in lots of 6 for $5. Order# VB106 .

Another corrugated bead made of white brass, plated with antiq silver color. This one measures 8mm. They are sold in lots of 12 for $8. Order# VB108a .

Same item in 10mm. In this photo you can see the way the metal around the hole is turned inward so as to create a smooth surface that will not cut your thread. All of these beads on this page have this feature. They are sold in lots of 6 for $5.50. Order# VB108b .

Separater bars are used to separate. By color, sold in lots of 6 for $3.

Florentined old bead, antique 18k European gold finish. Florentine was sometimes called 'brushed'. 'Florentine' sounds prettier. Measure 11mm Made of STEEL. Holes may appear darker than the rest of the bead, insiginificant as when you string them the holes don't show. Order# VB100 at $6 per lot of 6.

Slightly oval filigree beads measure 12mmx10.5mm, antique gold finish. Lightweight, made of brass. This bead has a seam, all filigree beads must have a seam otherwise the pierced out sections would be trapped inside the bead and would rattle around in there. Order# VB101 at $6.00 per lot of 12 .

Full oval filigree smooth beads measure 15mmx10mm, very dark antique gold finish. Lightweight, seamless, material unknown. Order# VB103 at $8.00 per lot of 12 .

Formed bead, made of Brass and formed into this design which looks like it is corrugated, but it isn't. It is Formed, similar idea to pressed glass in glass beads. Processes are closely related, operating temperatures are not. These beads needed about 100 tons of pressure to form them. Antiqued gold finish, which you can plainly see. Measure 10mm, seamless. Sold in lots of 12 for $10. Made of Brass. Order# VB101 .


Textured crosses, about 1/2" long, Made in USA in the 40's. Brass, gold plated. Sold in lots of 50 pcs for $20. Order # f010

Smooth fancy design crosses, 1/2"Long, plated. Sold in lots of 40 pcs for $18. Order Item #F008.

Half inch plain crosses, sold in lots of 40 for $18. Order # F003.

Small crosses, 1/4" long, Brass gold plated. Sold in lots of 100 for $18. Order# BD-VNF009.

Another filigree tube, this one is flat on the ends. Also goldtone, about 1/2" long. Sold in lots of 12 for $6. Order# BD-VNF006.

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